As globalization advances, it poses increasing challenges to the multinational landscape. Many of the challenges associated with the use of different languages can be met through translation. This is particularly applicable to countries with Latin-based alphabets.

At a global level, particularly in regions where East Asian languages use non-Latin scripts, several more problems arise. Literal, translations of characters often make no sense on their own. And L1 to L2 transcription often creates words that are completely unrelated in meaning to their original forms.

For example, the characters “谷歌” could be translated literally into something like “the song of the valley”. The actual, localized translation is “Google”. Therefore, in addition to translation, techniques for transliteration and transcription must also be incorporated for certain texts.

Wordflow is rising to this challenge. Where software previously focused on either the sounds or the meaning, we have built technology that combines both.

The Wordflow Transliteration Tool (WTT) enables companies to transliterate database extracts (such as company names) automatically. Our technology permits steady increases in accuracy and thus continually refines results. We provide an API (Application Programming Interface​) that transliterates general data, including company names, personal names, and addresses.

We are here to help

If you need to transliterate a file such as a database export then don’t hesitate to contact us.  
Just send us the data and we will complete the transliteration in house.
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